Get a windshield repair immediately!

Prevent further damage

Having a crack or chip fixed right away can prevent it from spreading and either becoming more expensive to repair or requiring a full glass replacement. In most cases, the expense of a windshield repair is significantly less than that of replacing the windshield.

Safety & Visibility

Even small areas of damage on your windshield can decrease visibility for the driver or become a distraction. Larger cracks and chips present further safety issues as they can compromise the integrity of the glass and its ability to protect occupants of the car in case of an accident.

Insurance Coverage for Car Glass Repair

Comprehensive car insurance should help you fix scratches or cracks. Plus, if windshield damage is the result of an accident, your collision insurance should cover the cost of repairs and it may be possible to have the deductible waived.

Contact San Diego Windshield Repair

We offer free mobile service and can usually schedule an appointment the for the same day. Contact Tony at (619) 804-4050 and ask for a free estimate for a rock chip repair, star crack, bullseye or long crack repair. The cost of a repair is a fraction or a replacement and can be completed quickly.