Long crack repair

Does your vehicle need a long crack repair? We know how to fix them!

Has a small chip on your windshield suddenly grown now needing a long crack repair? Many times they can be permanently fixed. Read these common reasons a small rock chips will begin to spread:

1. Temperature. As a windshield heats and cools during the daytime and nighttime, the glass will contract and expand along with the temperature causing it to crack further. Parking your car with the windshield facing the sun is the first situation to avoid! Keep it cool and dry!

2. VibrationA windshield is affected by road vibration. Bumps, dip, etc…agitate a windshield with a chip on it. The longer a star goes unrepaired, the greater the chance it will spread. Repair a.s.a.p. to limit the damage!

3. Not every chip is the same. Rock chips come in a variety of shapes, stars, bullseyes and combinations breaks. A chip the looks like a “star” is the most likely to  turn into a long crack. Why? Because a star is a cluster of smaller cracks just waiting for heat, cold, vibration and time to develop into a long crack.

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South Park
Repairing a long crack.
Completed long crack


Applying resin to the crack.