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windshield repair
Windshield repair bridge tool.

Windshield chip repair 

It’s a fact driving the streets and highways of San Diego increase the potential for rocks chip damage thus the need for a windshield repair. Construction zones, lack of rain and warm temperatures are all ingredients for small chips to turn into a long crack which may not be repairable and require a replacement.

The Benefit of repair

Save time and expense over replacement by repairing your chip. Take advantage of the best windshield repair San Diego has to offer, and remember we come to you at your home or office. We offer same day service and the repair only takes 30 minutes to complete. Repairing your windshield is also Eco-friendly. You’ll maintain the factory seal of your original glass and prevent a non recyclable windshield from the landfill. We provide free estimates for chip and crack repair, fill out our quote request form and receive a prompt reply. We also be reached by email at or call or text at 619-804-4050.

       Windshield Repair Helpful Hints

  • Repair your chip as soon as possible! Call us for a free quote today.
  • Park in shade to avoid the windshield from becoming hot and crack the windows. We can’t stress this enough. Heat is a leading cause for chips to grow to a point beyond repair. (Cold environments also cause chips and cracks to grow).
  • Keep the chip dry. A small piece of tape over the point of impact will prevent water from entering the damage. Repairs can not be performed in inclement weather.

  • Do not wash your vehicle or touch the damage prior to having it repaired.
  • Do not use the A/C or defroster. Doing so can lead to the windshield cracking out.
  • Do not use superglue or fingernail polish on the damage before repair.

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